[CentOS] Backup solution to backup /var/spool/imap above 150GB data

JohnS jses27 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 25 13:06:47 UTC 2010

On Thu, 2010-02-25 at 12:33 +0000, Karanbir Singh wrote:

> [1] Changeset and data/system model over time relation mapping for an 
> adaptive system sizing feedback loop! ( how'se that for buzzword 
> injection! )
Well if you run vacum on a Postgres DB then all that goes to the
crapper...  So we resort to real time  backups or replication.  Of which
with replication on a postgres db with the 2GB Blobs being inserted
there is going to be a problem... even if you have enough shared memory
configured.  The thing is regardless you are never in RT Replication.


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