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> So you need to be able to walk the fine line
>between these two.

I'm trying. Something it just isn't enough. Although the boss has a soft spot 
for linux, as he also heads the  CADD (Computer Aided Drug Design)-group.

>To put it into perspective, ask the manager how much it would cost the
>business if this data was unrecoverable?  After that, if they still
>don't want to spend a few hundred $$s on the insurance, get it in
>writing that your manager understands the risk and print it out and
>post it on your office wall.

Rather confrontative isn't it? Me being a Swede, I try to avoid those 
situations if possible, and find a compromise instead that both parties can 
live with. 8-} Oh, and I'm a government employee, so the money I spend is 
tax-payers money. Got to be careful there.

You know how that saying goes? You can chose between good, fast and cheap. But 
you're only ever allowed to pick any two. For me that's IT in a nutshell. ;-)

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