[CentOS] APC Smart-ups "status codes" (slightly OT)

David G. Miller dave at davenjudy.org
Sat Jan 30 18:12:03 UTC 2010

 <m.roth at ...> writes:

> We got replacement battery "kits" for some of our APC UPS' (Smart-UPS,
> rackmount). I put them into one tray (it's for an RBC 43, which takes 8,
> and weighs a ton), and put it in, and let it charge. Idiot "change
> battery" led stays on. So I hit the test button, it discharges very
> rapidly (a good number of servers on this), and the led stays on.
> For some reason, apcupsd's USB test fails, with an HIDDEV i/o error. So I
> got rid of the weird APC usb cable, and put in one of their serial cables,
> and run the "smart" test (the USB does more), and get results showing
> everything's fine.
> But the idiot light's still on.
> So, looking at all the values that the "apcsmart" choice can give me, the
> first thing is UPS status. I've been googling for a while, and can't find
> a single reference to it. Anyone have a link to somewhere that will give
> me the status codes (and their meaning)?
> Thanks in advance.
>         mark

Also, check what message is being written into /var/log/messages by apcupsd.  If
it's still saying, "replace battery," then it's probable that the UPS didn't
"sense" the new battery and you just need to update the battery date on the UPS.
 No sure why but logwatch doesn't consider any of the apcupsd messages as
reportable so you have to look at the log file to see what the UPS is reporting.

If you're lucky, the above is all that's going on and the easy fix is to update
the battery date.  I just had my APC UPS blow a battery sensor and decide that
the battery was no longer present only to then immediately decide it was indeed
there and cycle through battery attached/unattached continuously.  APC is
sending a warranty replacement UPS.  Oh, and the UPS blinks the replace battery
light whenever the battery status goes to unattached.  ARGHHHHH!!!!


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