[CentOS] Setup multiple bridges for use with KVM

Mon Jan 11 18:50:17 UTC 2010
Jacob Hydeman <jhydeman at gmail.com>

> I'm using the same setup for multiple bridges for Xen, no problem. But I
> use static IP addresses. You *have* to use IP numbers from different
> subnets.
I've setup just the IPADDR= and NETMASK= to have different static IPs in
different subnets and changed to the BOOTPROTO=static in each of the
ifcfg-brX scripts.

This hasn't fixed my issue. Perhaps it's because of the way I'm trying to
use it (or I don't get it). Does each VM that is using a specific bridged
device need to have the same IP subnet as that of the static brX address?

What I am trying to accomplish here is this:

Router ( ---------> eth0/br0 ( -------------> VM01
(with internal vr0 and vr1 attached to br0 and br1 and a bridged IP of, running Untangle in bridge mode)

VM01 --------> eth1/br1 -----------> local switch -------------> eth2/br2
--------------> other running VMs.

Thinking that the internal bridging done by the Untangle VM might have
caused an issue... I setup just a stock Win Server 2003 install with a
single ethernet device attached to br0 and set a static IP in the
192.168.7.X range (in Win 2k3 VM). The untangle VM is shutdown. I still
can't ping from the Win2k3 VM.


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