[CentOS] Questions about clamd, amavisd and squidclamav

Thu Jul 29 15:48:58 UTC 2010
Kevin C <linux at tuxalafenetre.net>

  Hi list,

I have a small server with a Postfix, amavisd and ClamAV installed and 
works fine. I install a squid proxy with squidclamav. Clamav works with 
/etc/clamd.d/amavisd.conf, but squidclamav cannot connect through the 
Unix socket in /var/spool/amavisd/clamd.sock.

How can I configure clamav to create another Socket in 
/var/spool/squid/clamd.sock for example ? The service is clamd.amavisd, 
how can I change it to a more standard clamd deamon.

Thanks a lot