[CentOS] DNS or firewall problem

Wed Jul 7 03:00:10 UTC 2010
Thomas Dukes <tdukes at sc.rr.com>


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> >> Hmm...you do not appear to have a blanket accept for your internal 
> >> interface. What services are supposed to be open to the 
> internal lan?
> >
> > Really just intersted in web, ftp and maybe samba
> Well, the rules do accept connections for them three so no 
> problem here.
> >
> > Not really relying on my server for dns for the local 
> machines, just 
> > for local services, ftp, webmin, local web. I'm not on a commercial 
> > account with my isp so 'external' mail is not an issue.
> ftp is not running, webmin is blocked. You should be able to 
> connect to apache. samba is not running either.

ftp is turned off. Samba, I thought was running but haven't tried to set it
up as I was more interested in just accessing web services, locally.
> >
> > I have most services turned off but can activate them , 
> remotely, from 
> > webmin if I need ssh or ftp.
> Well, I guess you first need to allow connections to webmin 
> (from INSIDE
> - even if you are absolutely certain no one can guess your 
> password) unless you are only going to do it from the desktop 
> on the box. No rules for ssh so you will need to add them if 
> you do enable ssh.

I can ssh in remotely but don't have a need for it locally. I can access
webmin remotely but not from a local machine. I see no need for my server to
use additional resources for the x window environment. I don't use webmin
that much except when I need to turn a service on or off remotely or want to
upload a file to the server without having to turn of ftp.
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