[CentOS] DNS or firewall problem

Wed Jul 7 03:59:15 UTC 2010
Christopher Chan <christopher.chan at bradbury.edu.hk>

>>> I have most services turned off but can activate them ,
>> remotely, from
>>> webmin if I need ssh or ftp.
>> Well, I guess you first need to allow connections to webmin
>> (from INSIDE
>> - even if you are absolutely certain no one can guess your
>> password) unless you are only going to do it from the desktop
>> on the box. No rules for ssh so you will need to add them if
>> you do enable ssh.
> I can ssh in remotely but don't have a need for it locally. I can access
> webmin remotely but not from a local machine. I see no need for my server to
> use additional resources for the x window environment. I don't use webmin
> that much except when I need to turn a service on or off remotely or want to
> upload a file to the server without having to turn of ftp.

You can access webmin remotely? That contradicts the iptables rules you 

If you can ssh in remotely then that also contradicts both the rules and 
the list of ports that have a daemon bound to them. No sshd nor anything 
bound to port 22.

You might want to turn off X/gdm then...that is what is listening on 
port 6000.