[CentOS] DNS problem while trying to join windows 7 to samba3x pdc

Thu Jul 8 21:00:34 UTC 2010
JohnS <jses27 at gmail.com>

On Thu, 2010-07-08 at 15:31 -0500, Les Mikesell wrote:

> > And your getting at what?  How does this relate to the OPs problem?
> I'm getting at your assertion that a Wins server on every subnet is 
> "right"  being impractical in most networks.  And like the OPs problem 
> it has to do with a windows client being able to resolve a windows name 
> on a different subnet.

Ahh yea I know that.  But times you have to suffice one or the other but
not both.

> > You seen to have a little knowledge of ip.  So why not pass the proper
> > routing info to the vpn client.  If perhaps it was configured right the
> > first time there would not be no what do I do now.
> Windows name resolution has next to nothing to do with ip routing.  If 
> your routing works you can make windows name resolution work over it, 
> but it isn't automatic.

 If it does not work then it want happen as in getting routed to the
wins server.  You agree on that right?  If routing don't work then there
is no wins resolution in effect.  In other words we have to know where
to go.

> > Windows related servvce problem?  Slap a dhcp helper to pass the
> > connections to the main dhcp server then to the wins server.  It can be
> > any Unix variant dhcp helper and server.  There's two words for this:
> > 'Network Aware".  That's all it takes.
> DHCP service also doesn't have much to do with name resolution other 
> than being able to hand out the address of the resolver.

lol no not much but come in needy in some situations. Pass off the wins
addy indeed though.

> > Don't make so complicated you can't control.
> Agreed, but putting a wins server on every subnet would be complicated - 
> and unnecessary.

Yea could be a PITA.  You know umm Winblows Serve, WINS Services can umm do multi SNs I do think.  
Now I may not me totally correct on that.