[CentOS] DomU install failure for Centos 5.5 using the "RHEL 5.4 and greater" OS option

Thu Jul 15 16:38:09 UTC 2010
David Dyer-Bennet <dd-b at dd-b.net>

On Thu, July 15, 2010 11:19, Whit Blauvelt wrote:
> In using virt-install, and then virt-viewer to create a CentOS 5.5 x64
> guest
> (in my case for KVM), using the text mode for the install, it failed on me
> in a similar way just if I added extra package groups - just stalled. It
> went forward successfully if I just went with the standard default at that
> point, and waited until post-install to yum other components into the
> guest.

That may be the relevant variable in my case as well; I'll watch more
carefully.  I did get a >5.5 OS install to work, and I may have selected
only the "server" group instead of that and the "server gui" group.

I'm mostly happy using text configs, except I keep running into cases
where the manuals or helpful people on the net assume I'm using the GUI,
so I've gotten in the habit of installing it when I get a choice.

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