Fri Jul 30 20:00:30 UTC 2010
Christoph Maser <cmaser at gmx.de>

Am 30.07.2010 21:35, schrieb tony.chamberlain at lemko.com:
> Can I somehow tell my desktop only to handle PXE requests and anything
> else should go to

Configure your DHCP server only to talk only to certain clients. (deny 
unknown-clients) see man dhcpd.conf.

> Couple minor questions but I can save time asking here too:
> I can't figure out the correct "option" or keyword to assign host name
> via DHCP.
> Is there a way I can have a user choose whether to install 4.5 or 5.4
> (CentOS) via boot?  I put multiple choices into the C0 file but it ignored
> all but one.

Yes you can do that via the pxelinux config files 

If you plan to do more machines in the future it might be worth to have 
a look at cobbler https://fedorahosted.org/cobbler/.