[CentOS] Backuppc-updates on CentOS

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Mon Mar 8 20:23:52 UTC 2010

on 2-25-2010 1:44 AM Sorin Srbu spake the following:
> Hi all,
> I installed BackupPC on one of my Centos 5.4-machines following the wiki at 
> http://wiki.centos.org/HowTos/BackupPC#head-725ed151d366bcf182cea92f765c373900cfc9dc, 
> where BackupPC is installed from the c5-testing repo.
> root at mach012 ~/ [0]# rpm -qa backuppc
> backuppc-3.1.0-1.el5.centos
> root at mach012 ~/ [0]#
> Seeing how there's been some updates to BackupPC in the near past, I thought 
> I'd run a yum update to get the updated package. That didn't work. So I 
> searched pbone.net for a BackupPC package on CentOS5 but didn't find any. 
> Doing the same search for RHEL5 gave me two packages (one for i386 and one for 
> x86_64);  v3.1.0-5.
> 	Looking more closely I saw that the RHEL5-packages were from epel, a repo one 
> maybe shouldn't choose as a primary repo for ones CentOS-systems if you  can 
> help it. At least that's the impression I got from the various posts to this 
> list.
> I thought all packages available from the prominent American upstream provider 
> got a treatment from the CentOS crew? Am I wrong or am I missing something 
> really basic, or some part of the CentOS philosophy here? Or isn't BackupPC a 
> package worthy of being CentOSified? 8-)
3.1.0 is the latest stable version... The newer version has been marked beta
for a few years now

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