[CentOS] Back to apcupsd

John R Pierce pierce at hogranch.com
Wed Mar 17 18:50:55 UTC 2010

m.roth at 5-cent.us wrote:
>> speaking of UPS's...
>> I -almost- ordered $300 worth of UPS replacement batteries today, but on
>> a hunch, I swapped electronic modules with a twin UPS (the ERM is
>> hotswappable on these 2U 3000VA units), and lo and behold, its the ERM
>> thats faulty, not the battery pack.   found a fleabay ERM for $250  (OEM
>> wants $1000).    I have 3 of them, all about 5 years old, with 3 2U
>> expansion battery packs, for a total of 9 battery packs, $2000-3000 to
>> replace all of them.
> Um, well.... The beginning of the year, we had a utility shutdown for
> repairs, so we shut all our servers down, and the UPSs as well. Brought
> them back up after the long weekend... and it took over a month for the
> red light to come back. Watch out that the one you swapped doesn't come
> back in a few weeks.

when I put the suspect ERM module in the other UPS it faulted.   when I 
put the 'good' ERM back in its own UPS it was good.  when I reinstalled 
the suspect ERM in the original UPS, it faulted.

btw, fwiw, these are HP R3000XR UPS's 
They have been quite good for me, this one ERM failure at 5 years old 
has been their only problem.  with the battery expansion bay, they have 
like 20 minutes at full load (but I only have like 30-40% load on 
them).  high efficiency, they run cool.  

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