[CentOS] printer trouble - missing driver?

Michael Klinosky mpk2 at enter.net
Sat Mar 27 23:45:24 UTC 2010

B.J. McClure wrote:
> Try the ppd file here:    
> http://www.openprinting.org/printer/HP/HP-DeskJet_D2300

Apparently, you can't download just a ppd file.  :/   It seems like I'd 
have to download the whole hplip package (basically upgrade).

The F7 box (where the printer works) has version 1.7.4 of hplip; CentOS 
5.3 comes with 1.6.7. My printer requires v 1.6.6. I found the ppd files 
- the Cent box looks about right, compared to the F7 box (same files, etc.)

So, I'm wondering if I should just dl the latest and greatest hplip (v 
3.10, I think). (Btw, this is just for home use.) Or, perhaps 5.3 can't 
handle that, and I should find v 2?

I tried HP's utilities -
[mykolas at sr1220 HP]$ hp-check
Checking for application dependencies...
Checking ghostscript...
--> Version 8.15.2
Checking gcc...
error: Not found!

** Is that bad?

[mykolas at sr1220 HP]$ hp-check -g |more
Checking existing CUPS queues...
hp-check[6007]: debug: lpstat -v
hp-check[6007]: debug: device for DJ_D2345: 
hp-check[6007]: debug: 0
   Printer   Device URI 
                                          HPLIP Installed?
hp-check[6007]: debug: Exception: 4 (Unknown/invalid device-uri field)

** That looks bad!

Any clues?

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