[CentOS] NFS freeze when transmitting big files

Niki Kovacs contact at kikinovak.net
Tue Mar 30 18:21:05 UTC 2010

JohnS a écrit :

> ---
> This may help help you I have the same problem.
> First to rule out the USB Drive copy file on the server machine itself
> from like a dvd rom to the USB Drive in order to check out how it is
> working,
> Try this go directly to the Mount Folder of your NFS Share and open it
> up then copy and paste a file into it.  Don't do a browse network to
> access the nfs share.  You want the hard mounted nfs share.
> You should have better success with another 128MB of RAM..

I *think* I found out. This same server also runs a cronjob for an 
rsync-based backup script, and it looks like after renaming some of the 
target directories that had to be filtered out, the script slowly but 
steadily filled the disk and then went rogue.

I corrected that problem, and now it *looks* like everything's OK. But 
you're right. Another 128 MB RAM won't hurt. (My first computer, a 
single-board 8080, actually had 512 *bytes* of RAM, so it's just a 
matter of adapting to modern times :oD)



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