[CentOS] Memtest86+ running time

Keith Roberts keith at karsites.net
Thu Nov 11 18:02:24 EST 2010

>> On Wed, 3 Nov 2010, Bob McConnell wrote:
>> _snip_
>>> And make sure you button the cabinet back up, with all covers in place
>>> and put it back on the rack where it normally sits. Running this test
>>> with the case open or sitting in free air is a waste of time unless that
>>> is how the system usually operates. All memory testing has to be done
>>> under normal working conditions to get the maximum benefit.
>>> Bob McConnell
>>> N2SPP

Continuing on with my memory testing saga ;)

The Memtest86+ program I'm using is from the UltimateBootCD.

Could it be Memtest86+ 4.10 that is corrupted?

Reason being it locked up after running for 25 minutes. 
There were no patterns being written to memory, and no 
errors on the screen. The '+' was flashing but that's all.

So I did a warm reboot, and started Memtest86+ again, and 
this time it did not even fully load into memory and start 
running. I just had an incomplete Memtest86+ screen sitting 
there doing nothing. Should have took a picture - sorry.

Next time rebooted it ran fine. Something really weird is 
going on here.

I'm now running my version of Memtest86+ (4.00) that I 
downloaded and md5sum checked myself. This is the version of 
Memtest86+ I originally used to check the memory in 2006 
when the memory was purchased.

These recent memory tests were done with the Memtest86+ from 
the UBCD, as I could not find the CD I burnt. Dug it out now 



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