[CentOS] Memtest86+ running time

Keith Roberts keith at karsites.net
Fri Nov 12 18:46:53 UTC 2010

> Tested each memory module in DDR1 slot for at least 20
> hours.
> Tested each slot with the 512MB module for another 20 hours.
> Should I have used the 1GB module for this?

So it appears that each memory module works fine if it's the 
only module installed - in whatever slot.

I found this helpfull guide for using Memtest86+:


Memtest86+ website:

Memtest86+ Forum:

Cannot find a mailing list though.

My machine has been known to freeze on occassions, which I 
put down to software issues while running Fedora.

The 2 1GB memory modules are 1 low density and 1 high 
density. Both are PC2100.

They work fine on their own, but don't want to work 

I'm now running Memtest no. 5 using the 1GB low density 
module, and the 512MB module, which is also low density.

I have put a digital multimeter on the power supply, and 
overnight while testing it registers ~ 4.97 - 4.98 
volts on the 5vdc line, with a stable reading. ie it changes 
slowly between those 2 values. So it looks like the PSU is 

I have a sneaking suspicion that it's the mismatched low and 
high density memory modules that are the problem?

Kind Regards,

Keith Roberts

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