[CentOS] updating to gtk+ >= 2.0

Gabriel Tabares gabriel.tabares at roboreus.com
Mon Nov 15 16:09:16 UTC 2010

>> In that case:
>> yum install gtk2 gtk2-devel
> Funny thing is those are already installed.
> However I require a later version of gtk+.
> I'm attempting to compile from source.
CentOS comes with an old version of GTK 2. Most application these days 
require a later version of the library, so you have two realistic options:
  * Compile GTK from source and install it out of the standard library 
path, then specify the include paths for compiling and use 
LD_LIBRARY_PATH before running the application.
  * Use another Linux distritbution or wait for CentOS 6

There's another option that is not guaranteed to work, copy all the 
libraries you need from another Linux distribution (Fedora?) into a 
directory, use LD_LIBRARY_PATH and pray that it works with CentOS, but I 
would not place much trust on this option.

I would personally go for the latter option as compiling a new version 
of GTK and its dependencies is not for the faint of heart, specially for 
something as obsolete (by choice) as CentOS.

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