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Thomas Göttgens tgoettgens at gmail.com
Thu Nov 18 10:18:51 UTC 2010


>> Is there anybody who has expiriences with sms gateway on Centos? Our
>> customer has a Siemens modem (connected via serial port) and finds any
>> tool for sending and receving sms. I found something like gammu and
>> smstools but I'm not sure with it.. Have you any tips?
> I use smstools on CentOS and RHEL with Siemens SMS modems, Nokia GSM
> (7110), Siemens GSM (M35) and GPRS modems. Works like a charm and very
> easy to use.
> You can use scripts to act on incoming SMS too.

> You can send SMS from the command line or by putting a file with the
> right content in the outgoing directory of the daemon.

another good SMS Gateway is Kannel, since it does not only support
Modems, but volume links as well. It is quite cumbersome to set up for
a newbie though. We're using both sms server tools (smstools3) and
Kannel here in a large scale.


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