[CentOS] Centos 6 installation memory requirements

R-Elists lists07 at abbacomm.net
Thu Nov 18 14:38:46 UTC 2010

please stop wasting your precious time

break out your wallet, blow the dust out, and spend a few bucks on some RAM

it is TOTALLY inexpensive and you can add some quality years to your life
than to spend it in such painful and worrisome turmoil


> I TOTALLY do not get your point.
> If you want the advanced Disk Druid features to work with LVM 
> partitions, it seems you need the GUI version. That is pretty 
> much the driver for me in many of my installs.
> I SUPPOSE I can start playing with kickstart to either create 
> the partitions as I want (tried that some years ago and 
> always messed up something), or play with kickstart so it 
> will start X11 even though there is on 480Mb of memory.
> For servers, after the install, I set inittab to 3 and if I 
> need a GUI to manage the server, I use VNC over SSH so I like 
> to have gnome there for the couple times a year I use it (via VNC).
> And my desktops that run FC or Centos have NO games on them. 
> These are work systems. Even the family computers (XP or FC) 
> do not have any games. If the kids want games they go over to 
> their friends and play outside or with game boards where they 
> have real interaction.

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