[CentOS] SOLVED (Re: Openwebmail emergency (Perl))

Jussi Hirvi listmember at greenspot.fi
Tue Oct 12 10:50:16 UTC 2010

Ok, I found a fix. I had to learn a little perl for that. :-)

The offending file was /var/www/cgi-bin/openwebmail/shared/ow-shared.pm

In that file, at the top of subroutine httpprint:

     use IO::Compress::Gzip qw(gzip $GzipError) ;

Further down in that subroutine, around line 1175:

     my $zhtml=Compress::Zlib::memGzip(join('',@{$r_htmls}));
         my $zhtml;
         my $input = join('',@{$r_htmls});
         gzip  \$input => \$zhtml or die "gzip failed: $GzipError\n";

I will do the same fix to the other occurrences, and trust that it will 

Many thanks to all, especially David!

- Jussi

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