[CentOS] Howto align partitions in Linux + NetApp

Fri Oct 22 11:00:35 UTC 2010
Santi Saez <santisaez at woop.es>


NetApp support has suggested us aligning partitions to improve 
performance, in short: starting sector must be divisible by 8. How can I 
move the start point in a misaligned partition -in production, with 
ext3- under Linux?

A screenshot with a misaligned (start=63s) and aligned (start=64s) 
partition is available at:


(If anyone is interested in this topic, NetApp has a good document 
explaining performance issues in misaligned partitions: "Best Practices 
for File System Alignment in Virtual Environments", http://goo.gl/EkBw)

I have tried using parted "resize + move" commands, but when moving 
start point a get this error:

   (parted) resize
   Partition number? 1
   Start?  [64s]?
   End?  [419425019s]? 419425018
   (parted) move
   Partition number? 1
   Start? 65
   End?  [419425019s]? 419425019
   Error: Can't move a partition onto itself.  Try using resize, perhaps?

Using fdisk 'b' command in expert mode ('move beginning of data in a 
partition') works, but it doesn't move the file system.. thanks!!


Santi Saez