[CentOS] GDM could not write to you authorization file ... Please contact your system adminstrator

Wed Oct 6 12:16:40 UTC 2010
Brent L. Bates <blbates at vigyan.com>

     This error sounds familiar.  If it is the same problem I've had a couple
of times, every time it happens, I forget what it was I did the last time to
fix it.  :-(  After I remember, it seems almost obvious.
     Assuming you've got the same problem, you need to log into the account
remotely, with out a GUI interface, or as another user.  See if you have a
file ~/.ICEauthority.  If it is there, delete it and then try logging in
again.  I think that is the right file for the problem I've had.  I just
remember that some file got corrupted and I had to delete it before GUI logins
would work.  I hope this helps.  Good luck.


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