[CentOS] POP3 server

Mon Oct 25 19:30:48 UTC 2010
Mário Barbosa <mario.barbosa at log.pt>


David wrote:
> Hi Drew, that's my situation, some clients receive more emails than they can 
> get trough their bandwith in a given time.
> Everytime they connect again, starts again in message number 1. Outlook 
> Express has a Stop button, but you know how people are ... so, I have to 
> "clean" the mess manually. I was looking for something that can do the job 
> automatically.

 From my days of phone tech support, I seem to recall there being an 
option for OE to only download email headers... Or maybe I'm confusing 
with IMAP options...

Another option is to give your customers some form of webmail: let 
*them* clean the mess on their mailboxes... :)

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