[CentOS] Anyone Having Any Luck Downloaing the DVD ISO?

Chuck chuck.carson at gmail.com
Mon Sep 6 15:23:17 EDT 2010

Yep.. I've tried numerous speed test and at my slowest it was 19m down and
768k up.

On Mon, Sep 6, 2010 at 9:35 AM, Robert <kerplop at sbcglobal.net> wrote:

> On 09/05/2010 05:01 PM, Chuck informed us:
> >
> > I've been trying for 2 weeks to download the dvd iso torrent... Shows
> > a ton of seeders, few leechers, but very poor performance.. (I'm
> > correctly setup for torrents and get fast downloads normally) Only
> > like 4% downloaded and crawling. I've tried the trackers from every
> > one of the mirror sites. I can't use the net install because the
> > systems I am installing are on a closed network.
> >
> > Anyone have any ideas where else to get this or any suggestions?
> I tried the tracker from the kernel.org site just minutes ago using the
> Ktorrent client.
> After a couple minutes, my stats looked like:
>    Leechers: 10 (125) Average Up Speed:     2.1 KB/s
>    Seeders:  40 (900) Average Down Speed: 560.7 KB/s
> I blew off the d/l 'cause I already have a DVD but that would work out
> to a bit less that 2 hours for  the DVD image. That's pretty much wide
> open for my DSL connection.
> Have you tried any of the speed tests available? That should eliminate
> your torrent client as a suspect.  Here are two 2 test sites. The first
> requires flash; the second uses java, often has requests in queue but
> gives a lot of network information.   I have both bookmarked.
> http://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/
> http://miranda.ctd.anl.gov:7123/
> Good luck!
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