[CentOS] Can anyone suggest a decent backup system?

Theo Band theo.band at greenpeak.com
Thu Sep 16 04:53:09 EDT 2010

 On 09/16/10 10:34, Kevin Thorpe wrote:
>   Hi all,
> We have a bit of a problem with backups. We've been using bacula to tape 
> and now trying to disk but it's a complete nightmare as regards tape 
> management. The backup to file storage went ok for ages and now is stuck 
> 'waiting for max storage jobs' which is odd as that's set to 20 and it's 
> the only backup running. That's totally typical of bacula.
> Can anyone suggest a simple backup package for us? Essentially a single 
> server, full backup to tape every day. We don't need tape management as 
> we're fully capable of reading the written label on the tape ourselves.
Do you need tape backups? If not, consider automatic backups to HDD
storage. For disaster recovery you can use a USB drive to take offsite.
Or an e-sata drive in a hot swappable raid setup. Exchange once a day
and bring it off-site. Or get some online backup storage to create an
off-site mirror.
I use good old dump with LVM snapshots to make daily consistent backups
(works only for ext2/3 fs). Since it's fully automated, I only have to
check the backup disk usage. Even there I automate the removal of old
daily backups.


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