[CentOS] Can anyone suggest a decent backup system?

Tom Yates madhatter at teaparty.net
Thu Sep 16 10:52:06 EDT 2010

On Thu, 16 Sep 2010, Kevin Thorpe wrote:

> You've hit the nail on the head. You've got the proper tape library 
> hardware. Our ISP uses Bacula absolutely fine for our hosted servers.

ah, right.

> Our problem is mostly tape management. It will work fine for ages then 
> we do something stupid like miss a tape and put it in in the morning, or 
> we get a bank holiday and it starts getting picky about which tape it 
> wants. For example we gave it monday's tape which was 'full' when it 
> only has a 4 day retention period and it didn't like it and wanted the 
> thursday tape. Why thursday I don't know, mon tue and wed should all 
> have been available.

yes, i completely agree; the stacker changes everything.  sorry to have 
jumped in, and i hope you find something that works for you.


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