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Ausmus, Matt mausmus at chapman.edu
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When I was first learning iptables, I found "Rusty's Remarkably
Unreliable Guides" to be an excellent resource on how iptables works.
He covers each part of iptables and does it in a clear and easy to
understand manner.  If I remember correctly, the guides are also


I personally don't like any of the GUIs out there.  I find them to be
way to constricting compared to the sheer power and flexibility of
iptables.  You're better off going through the guide and googling and
then just writing your rules in a text editor.

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On Thursday 16 September 2010 16:03, alexus wrote:

>  I'm trying to do some simple tcp port forwarding

The first thing you need to do is drop the RH-firewall BS and create a
firewall rule set setup for your needs.  If you don't know how to setup
firewall then I would suggest you get one of those GUI programs that can
this for you.

>  [root at wcmisdlin02 ~]# curl --verbose
>  * About to connect() to port 80
>  *   Trying Connection refused
>  * couldn't connect to host
>  * Closing connection #0
>  curl: (7) couldn't connect to host
>  [root at wcmisdlin02 ~]#

Looks like this host doesn't accept port 80 connections.



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