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On Mon, 20 Sep 2010, Ausmus, Matt wrote:

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> Subject: Re: [CentOS] iptables
> When I was first learning iptables, I found "Rusty's Remarkably
> Unreliable Guides" to be an excellent resource on how iptables works.
> He covers each part of iptables and does it in a clear and easy to
> understand manner.  If I remember correctly, the guides are also
> entertaining.
> http://people.netfilter.org/~rusty/unreliable-guides/
> I personally don't like any of the GUIs out there.  I find them to be
> way to constricting compared to the sheer power and flexibility of
> iptables.  You're better off going through the guide and googling and
> then just writing your rules in a text editor.

Yes, I agree.

I have my own iptables rules in a bash shell script to 
replace the RH ones at boot time.

I also found Rusty's tutorials entertaining, and easy to 
understand. Plus there's the man page, 'pinfo iptables' that 
is quite concise.

Here's a nice description of CIDR address notation.


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