[CentOS] CentOS, Firefox, and Java Plugin

Mathieu Baudier mbaudier at argeo.org
Thu Sep 23 01:36:34 EDT 2010

> epository); I've tried BOTH the openJDK plugin available through the Argeo repositories, and installing Java

I am the packager of the Argeo version of the JDK containing the plugin.

Please first note that the location has changed because some other
packages in the repo started to be used more widely and I wanted to
clearly separate Java efforts:

Please also note that it will probably change location again (we are
upgrading our infrastructure) or even disappear if there is little
interested (I did not think that anybody else used it).
I recommend interested users to download the SRPM as a backup, in
order to be independent of future evolutions.

Now to your problem:
- the plugin is still working for me, and went smoothly through the
CentOS 5.5 update (from a package update perspective).
- but it is working badly: at some point it starts eating all the CPU
and I need to restart Firefox, or even kill the process
- the bug for x86_64 has been updated in July and they recommend to
try again with the standard version:

Did you try removing and installing the Argeo OpenJdk again?

I haven't looked at it yet, but my idea was to try again building the
plugin and if it works, to have an additional package only for the
plugin, which would not require to update the base OpenJdk (I had
rebuilt everything at the time because I also needed 1.6.0-b16 because
of some bugs fixed between b09 and b16, not only the plugin).#

If there is interest that I keep this effort public, please let me
know (off- or on-list).
This will give me a motivation to look at it sooner.

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