[CentOS] Configuring BIND to answer to two domain names (four IP addresses)

James A. Peltier jpeltier at sfu.ca
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| On a CentOS 5 server, I am having a hard time configuring BIND to
| answer to 4 IP addresses for 2 domain names.
| Currently, I have four IP addresses, for sake of discussion they are:
| Additionally, I have two domain names. For sake of discussion:
| exampleA.com
| exampleB.com
| My goal is to have & as the nameservers for
| exampleA.com, and & as the nameservers for
| exampleB.com. Apache is running on this machine, and should of course
| serve pages for the sites.
| I think that I've got the apache configuration down, but the BIND
| configuration is eluding me. I've read the following fine manual, but
| I am still stuck:
| http://www.centos.org/docs/5/html/Deployment_Guide-en-US/ch-bind.html
| Additionally, I have googled for "how to configure bind for multiple
| domain names" and the like, but I see no mention of the IP addresses
| configuration. Can I simply configure any IP address that the server
| answers to as the nameservers? What am I missing?
| Thank you in advance!
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Have a read for the listen on directive for BIND which tells BIND what interfaces/IP Addresses to bind to.  Alternatively, you could just configure BIND identically on both machines and ensure that they are setup in a master/slave configuration so that each name server could answer requests for both domains and publish both name server records in each domain.

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Does your OS has a man 8 lart?

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