[CentOS] Acronis True Image or Clonezilla

Timothy Murphy gayleard at eircom.net
Tue Sep 28 20:42:56 EDT 2010

Les Mikesell wrote:

> If you know how to reinstall the multi-boot setup, you should be able to
> use clonezilla-live to clone specific partitions and either reinstall
> others or use a file oriented copy technique.  And if you have another
> machine or disk to hold the image you can make a compressed image file
> copy as a backup in case your drive dies before you decide how you want
> to set up the replacement.

Yes, thanks for all your help.

I have decided to use clonezilla,
as I discovered on further reading about Acronis WD version
that "clone" for them means "clone a whole disk";
and I couldn't find any firm statement that this operation
actually left anything on the source disk.
(They use the term "transfer" throughout.)

I found the Acronis documentation hard to follow;
but to be fair Clonezilla documentation is fairly obscure too.

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