[CentOS] File-system Corruption

Wed Apr 6 10:06:08 UTC 2011
James Bensley <jwbensley at gmail.com>

Hi List,

I suppose this isn't strictly CentOS but I'm talking about some 5.5
servers so I thought someone else here may have had the same issues;

We power on servers at night via IPMI and shut them down the same way
for automation. The problem I'm facing is that the servers are
shutdown in about 2 seconds. IPMI provides remote access to the power
features as we know so I don't think the OS has a chance to do a
'graceful' shutdown.

One server in particular is told to shutdown at say 07:00am, the last
scheduled task on there should finish around 06:30 so there is a half
hour window for over run. It now has a corrupt XFS file system which I
am repairing as we speak. I am wondering if this could be a possible
cause of these problems? Perhaps if that last tasks over runs a couple
of times and it gets powered off in the middle of the tasks? (These
are backup servers rsyncing from other servers)

Does anyone here have problems with this?


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