[CentOS] File-system Corruption

Wed Apr 6 10:35:35 UTC 2011
Adam Tauno Williams <awilliam at whitemice.org>

On Wed, 2011-04-06 at 11:06 +0100, James Bensley wrote:
> Hi List,
> We power on servers at night via IPMI and shut them down the same way
> for automation. The problem I'm facing is that the servers are
> shutdown in about 2 seconds. IPMI provides remote access to the power
> features as we know so I don't think the OS has a chance to do a
> 'graceful' shutdown.

??? Why are you doing this?  Don't do this.  Just do a "shutdown" at the
OS level - which will power off the server on 99.44% of hardware.  Then
power-on using IPMI.

> One server in particular is told to shutdown at say 07:00am, the last
> scheduled task on there should finish around 06:30 so there is a half
> hour window for over run. It now has a corrupt XFS file system which I
> am repairing as we speak. I am wondering if this could be a possible
> cause of these problems? 

Yes.  What you are doing is *evil*.

> Perhaps if that last tasks over runs a couple
> of times and it gets powered off in the middle of the tasks? (These
> are backup servers rsyncing from other servers)

Not to mention that your task possibly didn't finish.

> Does anyone here have problems with this?

Yes.  What you are doing is bad and wrong.

"shutdown -h now" will give you an immediate shutdown and power-off the
box.  You can also schedule shutdown via shutdown, see "man shutdown".