[CentOS] 40TB File System Recommendations

Tue Apr 12 07:23:41 UTC 2011
Matthew Feinberg <matthew at choopa.com>

Hello All

I have a brand spanking new 40TB Hardware Raid6 array to play around 
with. I am looking for recommendations for which filesystem to use. I am 
trying not to break this up into multiple file systems as we are going 
to use it for backups. Other factors is performance and reliability.

CentOS 5.6

array is /dev/sdb

So here is what I have tried so far
reiserfs is limited to 16TB
ext4 does not seem to be fully baked in 5.6 yet. parted 1.8 does not 
support creating ext4 (strange)

Anyone work with large filesystems like this that have any 

Matthew Feinberg
matthew at choopa.com
AIM: matthewchoopa