[CentOS] 40TB File System Recommendations

Tue Apr 12 07:31:24 UTC 2011
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

On 04/12/11 12:23 AM, Matthew Feinberg wrote:
> Hello All
> I have a brand spanking new 40TB Hardware Raid6 array

never mind file systems... is that one raid set?    do you have any idea 
how LONG rebuilding that is going to take when there are any drive 
hiccups?  or how painfully slow writes will be until its rebuilt?   is 
that something like 22 x 2TB or 16 x 3TB?    I'll bet a raid rebuild 
takes nearly a WEEK, maybe even longer..

I am very strongly NOT in favor of raid6, even for nearline bulk backup 
storage.  I would sacrifice  the space and format that as raid10, and 
have at LEAST a couple hot spares too.