[CentOS] php53 and MSSQL

Fri Apr 15 11:23:47 UTC 2011
John Beranek <john at redux.org.uk>

[Reposted now I've joined the list, so I hopefully don't get moderated out]


I've upgraded lots of machines to 5.6 (thanks!) and there was one
particular machine that I'd also like to upgrade to PHP 5.3.
Unfortunately it seems I can't.

On the machine I have php-mssql installed, and it appears that there is
no php53-mssql.

php-mssql is built from the php-extras SRPM, so is there going to be a
php53-extras SRPM?

I've checked upstream, and they also don't have a php53-mssql package,
so if there _were_ to be solved it'd have to be in the 'Extras'
repository I guess...



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