[CentOS] php53 and MSSQL

Fri Apr 15 11:45:52 UTC 2011
John Beranek <john at redux.org.uk>

On 15/04/11 12:23, John Beranek wrote:
> [Reposted now I've joined the list, so I hopefully don't get moderated out]
> Hi,
> I've upgraded lots of machines to 5.6 (thanks!) and there was one
> particular machine that I'd also like to upgrade to PHP 5.3.
> Unfortunately it seems I can't.
> On the machine I have php-mssql installed, and it appears that there is
> no php53-mssql.

I was going to see if I could rebuild the php53 SRPM support with MSSQL
support, until I found that the SRPMs still aren't available on the
CentOS mirrors yet. Downloading the upstream RPM now, will see how that


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