[CentOS] Installing/configuring a second HD

Wed Apr 27 17:54:49 UTC 2011
Todd Cary <todd at aristesoftware.com>

My old server was Centos 4.8 and it is on a HD that is NOT 
connected.  The new Centos 5.5 is the active HD.  Everything 
appears to be working, so my intent is to jumper the old HD as a 
slave, wipe it clean and have it as a backup drive.  Since my 
Linux skills are minimum, I thought it best to heck with the 
experts to find the best (safest) way to accomplish my goal.

I assume that the old drive will auto-mount, however I am not 
sure if it will be identified as a separate due to the Volume 
system (I am not near my server at the moment and I cannot 
remember the exact name that is used for the HD configuration).  
I would notwant to format the drive and find out everything was 


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