[CentOS] slow sendmail going out

Wed Apr 27 19:02:06 UTC 2011
Jerry Geis <geisj at pagestation.com>

Jerry Geis wrote:
> I am trying to find a way to "speed" up sendmail going out of my box.
> I am setting SMART_HOST. Dont get me wrong email does go out it just 
> takes
> like 3-4 minutes to get there.
> When I do "mail xxxx at y.com" and send it the /var/log/maillog file shows
> the connection and shows the relay as []. Then it just SITS 
> there for a long time.
> Then it picks up the mail and delivers it. No errors are show, no 
> timeouts etc...
> My box does not have an MX record as  I am behind the firewall 
> (192.168.1.X).
> I have set the /etc/sysconfig/sendmail QUEUE=1m but that does not seem 
> to help either.
> There is nothing else happening on my box so that is not slowing 
> anything down.
> I've done some google'ing, some playing and nothing has helped. I 
> tried adding the service.switch
> to sendmail.mc, I tried temporarily taking out dns from nsswitch.conf 
> - and nothing seemed to help.
> How can I get emails exiting my box faster.
> Jerry
Gregory - Thanks for the DNS info.

Another avenue I just tried was setting up AuthInfo with a user and 
account and that goes much faster now also.
Perhaps loging in to the email server by passes any DNS lookup it was 
trying to do.