[CentOS] cobbler installation of CentOS-5.5

Sat Apr 2 10:49:19 UTC 2011
Timothy Murphy <gayleard at eircom.net>

Mark Pryor wrote:

>> > I'm trying to install CentOS-5.5 on my new HP
>> micro-server,
>> > which has no CD drive.

> If all you want to do is kick-off an install via USB stick, you want
> http://mirrors.kernel.org/centos/5.5/os/x86_64/images/diskboot.img
> and use syslinux/memdisk to boot it on a vfat partition
> ------------- syslinux.cfg ------------
> label c564
> kernel memdisk
> append initrd=/diskboot.img
> --------- snip --------
> you can dd the whole IMG to your stick, but its cleaner to collect such
> images and reference them in syslinux.cfg.
> To setup your stick to bootZZ
> #syslinux -s /dev/sda   (unmounted USB disk)

Thanks for the suggestion.

But would that be simpler than transferring netinstall.iso to a USB stick?
(I've always found the syslinux documentation bizarre,
with its frequent references to floppies.)

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