[CentOS] ZFS @ centOS

Sat Apr 2 21:28:41 UTC 2011
Dawid Horacy Golebiewski <dawid.golebiewski at tu-harburg.de>

I pondered Solaris for some time, but as I do not intend to build the OS 
"from scratch" and nexenta was to GUIed for me I started researching SME.
What puzzled me is the theory and the practice: RAIDz is the best 
solution from a theoretical standpoint (maximum features available) but 
still raid 5,65+0 etc. are used. Why?

Opensolaris supposedly stopped last February.

John R Pierce schrieb:
> On 04/02/11 1:54 PM, Dawid Horacio Golebiewski wrote:
>> I have trouble finding definitive information about this. I am considering
>> the use of SME 7.5.1 (centOS based) for my server needs, but I do want to
>> use ZFS and I thus far I have only found information about the ZFS-Fuse
>> implementation and unclear hints that there is another way. Phoronix
>> reported that http://kqinfotech.com/ would release some form of ZFS for the
>> kernel but I have found nothing.
>> Can so. tell me if fuse-ZFS is more trouble than it's worth?
> ZFS isn't GPL, therefore can't be integrated into the kernel where a 
> file system belongs, therefore is pretty much relegated to user space 
> (fuse), and its just not very well supported on Linux.
> If you really want to use ZFS, I'd suggest using Solaris or one of its 
> derivatives (OpenIndiana, etc) where its native.
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