[CentOS] interview request for ppl who have Shockwave/.Firefox working

Mon Apr 4 01:24:57 UTC 2011
Robert Heller <heller at deepsoft.com>

At Sun, 03 Apr 2011 18:41:35 -0400 CentOS mailing list <centos at centos.org> wrote:

> For a long time now I've wanted to be able to watch videos.  I've done
> the "try this!" and "try that!" method and it hasn't worked well.  So
> I'm wondering if anyone running CentOS 5.5 has Shockwave on Firefox working.
> Currently it works for me with short videos-- up to two or three minutes
> long.  However, when Shockwave is enabled, CPU usage jumps to 99%,
> sometimes even 100%!  If I disable it CPU usage goes down to 1 - 5%.
> (For those who speak load avg, I've seen highs of 6 and 8... as opposed
> to the no Shockwave-now of 0.14 to 0.45.)
> So with the CPU already buried just by having Shockwave is enabled, if a
> video lasts longer than four minutes, gaps in the video's continuity
> begin to appear, and by ten minutes in the video is locked up altogether.
> What's everyone else's experience with this?  Does anyone have a setup
> where they can view a 1.5-hour video normally... and maybe even work in
> their editor alongside it at the same time?  If so, would you be open to
> explaining what hardware and software etc. you've got so that this works
> so well?

I am able to watch 1/2 hour TV shows with
flash-plugin- from Adobe's repo in Firefox
(firefox-3.6.13-2.el5.centos), on my i686 IBM ThinkPad X31 laptop
(which has 512Meg of memory and a 1700MHz, Pentium M processor), using
CentOS 5.5.  The CPU does get hot (the fan fires up sometimes). Oh, I
use a *very* lightweight X11 setup: I don't use GNome or KDE or any
sort of 'Desktop Manager' system at all. Just FVWM in MWM mode.
Virtually NO 'eye candy' at all.  My system boots to runlevel 3 and
I fire up X11 from my login.

I have made no attempt to watch longer videos with flash.  I do watch
3-5 minute music videos all the time, but I use mplayer for those (even
the FLV files I have downloaded from YouTube).

> Thanks.

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