[CentOS] interview request for ppl who have Shockwave/.Firefox working

Mon Apr 4 13:01:15 UTC 2011
ken <gebser at mousecar.com>

On 04/04/2011 08:37 AM Yves Bellefeuille wrote:
> On Monday 04 April 2011 08:09, ken wrote:
>> What does your "about:plugins" page say?  (For explication, see the
>> about:plugins subthread.)  Or do you have some other diagnostic which
>> indicates these are not the same?
> It does say "Shockwave Flash". Now isn't that interesting, because Adobe 
> itself says they're different things. In the download section at 
> http://www.adobe.com/products/ , they're listed separately and, as 
> Sorin pointed out, Shockwave isn't even available for Linux.

Perhaps the adobe webpage is a bit incomplete, or maybe they're talking
about the Windows plugins, I don't know.  I have to believe more what I
read on my system.

> Anyway, did you download Flash for Linux at 
> http://www.adobe.com/go/getflashplayer ?

This kind of thing is not easy to remember.  Most of the time I assume
that, version numbers being the same, especially in the case of
commercial binaries, the packages will be the same regardless of where
they come from.