[CentOS] Centos 6 Update?

Wed Apr 6 23:01:29 UTC 2011
Ian Murray <murrayie at yahoo.co.uk>

> On 04/06/2011 09:30 PM, Ian Murray wrote:
> > As previously stated,  "in-reply-to" isn't a mandatory field as far as I can
> > tell, so it is a  stretch to call it "broken". However, now that someone 
> > stopped  the time-wasting and told me the issue precisely, I was able to 
> >  it rather than have me second-guess it.
> in-reply-to isn't the only way to  retain thread sanity

Do you honestly not have anything better to do? For your info before I posted, 
Markmail seemed to sort it out okay as did the OP who posted.

> > I still stand-by what I said. Given your  attitude, I am not surprised at 
> > state of the CentOS  project.
> good for you. But you might be in for a surprise, since quite a  lot of 
> effort here goes into pointing people in the right directions and 
> expecting them to be able to join dots and actually learn about things 
> rather than spoon feeding every step of the way.

If you think "Mail client is broken" is anything like a reasonable description 
of an issue you are quite mistaken... it is one up from "saying computer says 

I'll help you out (and bring it back on topic), likewise: your Linux 
distribution rebuild project is broken. Was that any help to you? Am I pointing 
you in the right way? Please join the dots to figure where it is going wrong...? 
Oh, you don't even see the problem, do you? Just ignore it in that case. Perhaps 
it will go away by itself. Well, it doesn't exist, so it can't go away because 
it was never here.... etc.....

> Anyway, you now know  a bit about threading and how lists work, so a 
> small win in its own  right.

And you know what is wrong with your project. So we are all winners tonight, 
aren't we?

Truth be told, I doubt you learned a thing tonight. The CentOS build process is 
not the only thing that is "closed" around here.

p.s. When you take your car to the garage do you just tell them that it is 
"broken" and they can figure it from there. You'd be doing them a favour... 
maybe they might learn something. Personally, I just tell them as much as I can 
because I am keen to get it sorted and move on.

Just my opinion, ofcourse.