[CentOS] audio recorder compatibility

Wed Apr 13 01:55:57 UTC 2011
allan <allane at spinn.net>

Hi Ken,
If yer stuck with WMA, mplayer will convert to WAV format using
`mplayer filename.WMA -ao pcm:waveheader`
which will create a fixed name file, audiodump.wav which then can be encoded MP3 using lame or other encoder.
My wife had a problem with her recorder in that it *only* created WMA.
A bash script kicks off to convert the WMA -> WAV -> mp3. She is happy (and so am I).

ken wrote:
> I'm shopping for a small/tiny audio recorder, the kind for recording in
> a class, interviews, etc... not really music, just voice.  Per usual, a
> lot of these write their audio files in some Windows format, e.g., WMA.
>  As a confirmed Linux guy, I'd want to offload the audio files in some
> format that Linux can read/play natively.  I've read a sketchy
> suggestion that there's a  Linux app or utility to do a translation from
> WMA, <http://www.linux.com/archive/feature/127583>, but I always like to
> keep things as simple as possible and so would much prefer avoiding the
> hassle and possible failure of conversion apps and Windows-format crap
> generally.
> Secondly, connecting to my laptop... I've got a sound card, but it
> doesn't have LineIn, just mike and headphone jacks; neither of these is
> good for input, but...  Many audio recorders these days connect with USB
> (which I've got), so that's the most likely connection path.
> Given these parameters, does anyone have good experiences with a really
> small audio recorder and offloading and then playing its sound files on
> Linux?
> Thanks much.