[CentOS] audio recorder compatibility

Wed Apr 13 02:12:56 UTC 2011
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

On 04/12/11 3:12 PM, ken wrote:
> I'm shopping for a small/tiny audio recorder, the kind for recording in
> a class, interviews, etc...

my wife has a little Olympus voice recorder, it supports recording in 
several qualities of .mp3 files,   but there's lots of software on lunix 
that will play .wma, like VLC.

her pocket recorder looks like a flash card when its plugged in via USB, 
and has folders A, B, C, D (that you can select before recording) and 
then numbered files in each folder.  runs a gazillion hours on a couple 
AAA batts.  and was quite cheap.

btw, for other applications... you can get a patch cord that will 
convert 'line' audio outputs to 'mic' level inputs, its just got a few 
resistors in it to reduce the signal 100:1.   these are often called an 
'attenuator cord'.  on the other hand, the mic inputs on most laptops 
are mediochre sound quality at best.