[CentOS] audio recorder compatibility

Wed Apr 13 11:03:42 UTC 2011
Ljubomir Ljubojevic <office at plnet.rs>

ken wrote:
>  As a confirmed Linux guy, I'd want to offload the audio files in some
> format that Linux can read/play natively.  I've read a sketchy
> suggestion that there's a  Linux app or utility to do a translation from
> WMA, <http://www.linux.com/archive/feature/127583>, but I always like to
> keep things as simple as possible and so would much prefer avoiding the
> hassle and possible failure of conversion apps and Windows-format crap
> generally.

To those that replied with WMV/MP3 formats: Please READ the post 
CAREFULLY before you jump the gun.

NATIVE Linux format is for example .ogg, because Fedora/RHEL and few 
other distributions only use *OSS* codecs. MP3 and WMV are proprietary 
codecs, so they are not natively supported on LInux.

Many players can play FLAC Vorbis/OGG, but I can not see any that can 
record in FLAC or Vorbis.

Please visit
http://wiki.xiph.org/PortablePlayers and
to see what can fit your needs.

Also, try googling with:
"vorbis" +portable +voice +recorder -software and try to find detailed 
info or write to manufacturers.

You could also google for Vorbis encoding chips/processor and see who 
makes them and who buys them. I think that is the most important feature 
for portable encoder/recorder. MP3 encoder chips already exist for a 
long time.