[CentOS] Ext3 remount ro (was:Re: 40TB File System Recommendations)

Thu Apr 14 15:55:57 UTC 2011
Lamar Owen <lowen at pari.edu>

On Thursday, April 14, 2011 11:41:07 AM Peter Kjellström wrote:
> The default behaviour for ext3 on CentOS-5 is to remount read-only, as a 
> safety measure, when something goes wrong beneath it (see mount option 
> "errors" in man mount). The root cause can be any of a long list of hardware 
> or software (kernel) problems (typically not ext3's fault though).

The root cause made its appearance as clamd getting oom-killed.  Eight hours of rampant oom-killer activity, and the fs goes bang.  Plenty of memory allocated by the host; perhaps too much memory for the 32-bit guest.  But, as I said, the combination of the 4.9 update and going with VMware's OSP setup from packages.vmware.com seem to have fixed the underlying issue.

Looking at a whole e-mail system overhaul anyway; while Scalix the package is preforming well for what we need it to do, Scalix the company has been incredibly slow on the next update.  Looking to go to Zarafa on C6 x86_64, perhaps.  MS Outlook public folder/shared calendar/shared contacts/group scheduling support number one criterion; and Exchange is not the answer.  So an upgrade of the existing system isn't on the radar at the moment, but a full migration to something else is.