[CentOS] centosplus kernel not up to date ?

Sat Apr 16 23:37:24 UTC 2011
Nicolas Ross <rossnick-lists at cybercat.ca>

>>> Because they survive kernel updates transparently and you can run the
>>> distro kernel, there will be no "waiting" for each kernel update.
>> That is indeed what I need, I use ieee1394, raw1394 and sbp2 to access
>> my 2tb firewire external drive that is used for backup rotation.
>> I will try that on monday.
> Yum shouldn't have deleted your running kernel in the update.  It should 
> just be
> a matter of changing the default to boot in the grub config if you want to 
> run
> the old one a while longer.

No, it didn't, but on reboot, it booted the non-centosplus kernel, the one 
that was more upto date...