[CentOS] How to install binutils-devel on Centos Linux 5.5

Thu Apr 21 10:29:27 UTC 2011
Ned Slider <ned at unixmail.co.uk>

On 21/04/11 11:14, Frank Chang wrote:
> Good morning, I am trying to install binutils-devel on Centos Linux 5.5 so that we can obtain lib liberty required by the oprofile-0.9.6 Linux profiler.
>        Using root , I enter: yum local install binutils-devel- Then I get the message: Public key for binutils-devel- is not installed. Please tell me where I get the  Public key for binutils-devel- . Thank you. 		 	   		

Why are you trying to install a Fedora 14 package on CentOS 5.5? Oh, 
it's probably because you're trying to install a later version of 
oprofile that again isn't a part of CentOS. The error you get is 
because, unsurprisingly, you don't have the GPG key installed for Fedora 
14 on your CentOS system.

This isn't a CentOS issue so you're on your own here.

Good luck.